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Solar Panel Installation and Servicing in Pinehurst, NC

Bonville Construction is now NABCEP certified! We founded Sandhills Energy, a division of Bonville Construction Company, Inc., in 2009 to service the Pinehurst, Southern Pines and Aberdeen, North Carolina area, and have been expanding our reach ever since.

Our mission is to provide businesses and homeowners in the Sandhills and Carolinas with renewable energy technologies that promote clean and affordable energy and protect our clients from escalating energy prices. We feel that by using the latest renewable energy technologies, finding all the tax and production energy incentives available, and using economical design and installation methods we can accomplish this mission.

If you are interested in installing solar panels in your North Carolina home or business, Bonville Construction will custom design a high-quality solar panel system to fit your needs and ensure. We ensure your solar panel installation will be executed with the highest regard for your property and with the utmost efficiency, so that you will remain benefiting from solar power long into the future.

We will:

  • Perform a free site evaluation to determine solar access at your home or business, after which you will have a clear idea of where and how your PV system (photovoltaic system or solar power system) will be installed, what your expected cost of installing a solar panel system will be, and how much you can expect to save after your PV system is installed.
  • Obtain all interconnection and power production agreements and building permits.
  • Install your PV system using the latest solar modules.
  • Monitor the performance of your PV system.

Photovoltaic cells produce electricity directly from sunlight. Solar energy is a clean, abundant renewable energy source that does not consume fossil fuels to produce power.

Solar is an unlimited power source with no emissions. LG PV modules are the backbone of our PV systems with 25 year warranties and a 35+ year life expectancy with little degradation in power production. We use micro-inverters that maximize the production from individual modules and minimize the effects from shading and module mismatch.

The cost of the system is site specific, but will be between $3 and $3.50 per watt. Bonville Construction will determine the expected cost of installing a solar panel system in your home or business during the free site evaluation.

The federal solar tax credit, allows those who install a solar energy system to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installation from their federal taxes. The federal tax credit applies to both residential and commercial solar energy systems, and there is no cap on its value.

The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), is the current depreciation method for most property, in which a business’ investments in certain tangible property are recovered for tax purposes, over a specified time period through annual deductions. Qualifying solar polar systems are eligible for a cost recovery period of five years.  

Through our professional design, site evaluations and installation, the cost of your investment can be paid back in 5 years, and then your system is paying you.

  • Reduce our reliance on foreign oil and improve our national security.
  • Produce power without using fossil fuels, which pollute the environment.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Improve the electrical grid by decentralizing power generation.
  • Create new jobs in the photovoltaic industry.

By 2060, solar will be the world’s largest single energy source.

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